Kompetenzgruppe Screening

Koordinator: Franz Piribauer

The International Austrian Screening Committee (IASC), established in February 2008, is a body of concerned Public Health professionals supporting scientifically justified medical screening programs in Austria (AT). IASC is embedded in the international world of Evidence based Health Care (EBHC), concerned with the daily practice of screening in AT (read more in the basic policy document of IASC (56.93 Kb).

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Key activities


  • January, Work on publication using mystery patiens data to assess physician performance delivering the Austrian perodic health examination start (Austrian PHE, Vorsorgeuntersuchung-Neu)
  • May 1st, Melanie Wohlgenannt, Innsbruck,joins as new Austrian Member of the Austrian core
  • 24th June, Personal Meeting of IASC at EUFEP in Baden
  • 25th June, Mittagspause, EUFEP Baden, Presentation of our new book in room Casineum: "Screening - Durchführung und Nutzen von Vorsorgeuntersuchungen". Tranlsated from Englisch by Franz Piribauer, Gerald Gartlehner, Philip Mad und Fabian Wächter. ISBN: 978-3-456-84698-9
  • 24-26th June: Conference - European Forum for Evidence-based Prevention [EUFEP], Baden, Lower Austria,
  • July 1st, Uwe Siebert and Petra Schnell-Inderst joins as new Austrian members strenghteneing the Austrian core
  • Fri, 28. August, 11:30 - 14:00, Salzburg, Austria (Gebietsrkankenkasse, Hochhaus - 200m scharf rechts beim Bahnhof, 12. Stock, Sitzungssaal Nord-Ost): Work group meeting on PHE publication in progress


  • Aug. 12th 2008, First meeting of the complete Austrian core, Vienna
  • Oct. 7-9th 2008, Visit of Cercial Cancer Screening Programme in Bristol, UK by Franz. Enlargement of group: Angela Raffle joins
  • Nov. 18th, Complete Austrian core meeting: Planning activities for 2009, Krems Danube University (click on >> results)